Art by Chello Sherman

Artist statement:
“The ghosts of the past have infected our lives, what’s the damage, what’s the cost? Are we destined to repeat?”-Russ Taft

Art making is the only way I know to express the complications that we encounter, squabble over and attempt to make sense, out of the remnants of what we’ve experienced. With my work, I often combine image and text, merging them to complete the story that I am telling. So many people are busy trying to survive and it leaves little time to address the hardships, wrongs, and difficulties they may be encounter. There are so many things sideways in the world right now, it almost feels impossible to manage and so much hurt, sadness, even joys. My work seeks to express those things. I am grateful to live in a time that as a woman of color I have the opportunity to create as I do, so of course I hope my work and its subtle (usually) messages can be seen and conversations started.

Chello Sherman has an MFA in studio art from Moore College of Art and Design. Sherman has shown work in several juried national and international exhibitions in New York, Pennsylvania, Chicago, and Ireland. Sherman has won several awards including honorable mentions, best of show, and plein air painting competitions and currently has four works of art accepted into permanent collections. Sherman’s has work in several publications including Fish Food, The Warren, Silver of Stone, Selcouth Station, GNU, and she will be featured in Borrowed Solace as a feature artist in its up coming issue.

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