Fiction by Slavica Turinski-LaziC


Federico Garcia Lorca, dressed in a gray suit with a white shirt and a mysterious smile, is standing next to Vladimir Mayakovsky and rocking on his heels. Mayakovsky raises his eyebrows in surprise, looks at Lorca and adjusts the working cap which has almost slid off his head.

"Yes, that boy is a great poet, I agree," rewords Mayakovsky to Lorca.

"What do you think, will he survive?" asks Lorca.

"Yes, he will." - "No, he will not," at the same moment says Lorca.

"You think, we didn't survive, so he will not too…"

"He's a revolutionary genius. This is a fatal combination."

"And this strong impact on a certain mass of people, if he can change the mind and social consciousness of people, it means that he has a power. But if that's something that they don't accept, if he in one moment he decides to not cooperate and insists on… am I on the right way?" asks Mayakovsky.


"It happened to us."

"Yes, but it was different for you. They killed me, and you killed yourself."

"They killed me too…" said Mayakovsky and stopped abruptly.

"What?!... What do you say?!" Lorca was shocked.

"They made a grandiose delusion."


"If you think on the official reports, my friend, pure lies."


"This secret I brought with me to the grave. My dear, amigo Federico, would I ever write these verses to Yesenin and after that kill myself? No! Never! Came two in black, the people without faces. They done it quickly, set my dead body in a pose, pushed a pistol in my just dead hand… I looked… sincerely, I looked very conclusive. Immediately they disappeared."

Lorca shakes his hair.

"O, you destiny! Black poet's destiny! Oh, you red moon!"

"But…" Mayakovsky hugs him. "But, listen to me carefully what I say! The boy will survive… you can be sure about that." Mayakovsky through one circular motion sets the cap on his head, and strongly shakes Lorca's shoulders. At the same moment they take a step together, and in the second step, disappear somewhere there behind the clouds.

Slavica Turinski-Lazić is a Croatian poetess, prose writer, and painter.  In 2012 she cooperated in International-Translation project in which have been translated the songs of Russian music band MKPN (represented Russia on Eurovision Song Contest 2010). In St. Petersburg (Russia) has been published the book "MKPN Songs Translations“ where she participates with seven translations. In 2016 the publishing house Nova POETIKA (Belgrade, Serbia) published her poetry collection "Lineage of Twilight", collected by the Serbian National Library, Belgrade. Her poems and stories have appeared in numerous anthologies in the area of ex-Yugoslavia. She is living and working in Slavonia and Baranya (Croatia).

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