Photography by Sophia Cole

My Sweet Lover Has Passed Away

Sophia Cole has an intrigue in what she calls the "still life" a place she describes where something harmonizes with nothing, a child like objectivity, a brand new pair of eyes. After her boyfriend passed away in March of 2019, this intrigue seemed to grow into a more literary sense. She and Riley (photographed) were both young photographers, Primarily film as their medium, they enjoyed going on trips through empty towns and had plans to move to Vietnam to make movies this past May. The biggest comfort through her grief, she says, is having all of their rolls of film, letters, and short videos. When someone close to you dies, there's a lingering feeling of some sort of limbo, a "still life." The last thing Riley wrote to her, was that he believed in her as an artist, and to show the world for him. 

Sophia is excited to be going to Vietnam with a mutual dear friend of her and Riley's for the month of August, and then joining the LungA community of Iceland focusing on film making, and other visual mediums in September. Sophia is thankful for the opportunities she has, especially after such a rare tragedy she feels it especially important to visit and share this "still life" she has collected, in honor of Riley and all they created together. 

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