Poetry by Abishake Koul

An old Man, a dead Girl & a Boatman

He is lonely, old and keeps climbing up a trail on the mountain side,
He tells about his past demons up there which antagonize him,
His nightmares keep him busy as does the daily uphill grind,
Too much labor seeping through, drowning the music and time.

They kept calling the girl, the one already long dead,
They wanted to keep their promises made over guilt,
A blue old place ready to be rented, the doors open,
They feared that wrath of Gods hadn't been felt in a long time.

The boatman kept waiting, the long call of sea always came,
Rowing was a means to wash sins, hollowed and diabolical,
Telling legends to little kids and secretly blessing couples,
He rowed faster when he carried priests across the bay.

Abishake Koul is a poet from the mountains. Born and brought up in Jammu & Kashmir, he did his engineering from BIT Mesra, Ranchi. He is currently pursuing MBA from IIM Lucknow. He started writing poems in school, scribbling verses at the back of his notebooks and got published in the local newspapers and school magazines. He has been published in the journal Contemporary Literary Review of India, the anthology Chants of Peace, The Punch Magazine and The Unknown Pen.

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