Poetry by Cathleen Chambless

The Death’s Head Hawkmoth

The end of a light bulb,

the answer to a question,

little amber phantom

crawling across the combs incognito,

dipping its needle

into the honey

of my hive.  


Cathleen Chambless is from Miami, Florida. Her debut collection of poetry is Nec(Romantic) Gorilla Press; 2016. Poet Campbell McGrath calls this book, “Witchy, incantatory and viper smart, Nec (Romantic) is part black magic, part madcap Mother Goose, part postfeminist manifesto.” Her work has appearedin MPC’s 10 Cent Journal, the anthology A Touch of Saccharine,  Kind of a Hurricane Press’s Best of 2014 Anthology, The ElectronicEncyclopedia of Experimental Literature, Jai-Alai, The Mind[Less] Muse, and she was a poetry finalist for the Bellingham Review’s 2014 Parallel Award for poetry. She co-authors a queer/feminist zine called Phallacies.

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