Poetry by CB Follet

One Bird Falling

A bird falls,
spinning in widening circles,
like a spiral losing its tension,
or a pebble dropped in a pond.

The bird is already lost,
some distant shot, or a falcon
pierced then let it slip, and it falls
pulling the sky after it.
Like eggshells collecting again
in a film run backwards.

The waters of the pond reflect its coming.
The waters of the pond open
like a passage and welcome the bird in.
Not a bird now, but a flutter
of loosened feathers, a pirouette
adrift on a pewter eye.

No one can put this bird back together.
No one can uncrack the egg
of this world. The heart
flutters against itself. Something terrible
is coming and we pretend otherwise.

The bird, which has fallen into the water
has sunk from sight, the feathers have drifted
and spilled over the distant weir.
The rift closes over itself
and the surface, again, is smooth.

CB Follett is the author of 11 books of poems, the most recent NOAH’S BOAT (2016), and several chapbooks, most recent is the BOXING THE COMPASS series (2015). AT THE TURNING OF THE LIGHT won the 2001 National Poetry Book Award. She is Editor/Publisher of Arctos Press, was publisher and co-editor (with Susan Terris) of RUNES, a Review of Poetry (2001-2008). Follett has numerous nominations for Pushcart Prizes for individual poems, as well as ten nominations as a individual poet; a Marin Arts Council Grant for Poetry; awards and honors and been widely published both nationally and internationally. Follett was Poet Laureate of Marin County, CA, (2010-2013).