Poetry by Hannah Kroonblawd

A Road Runs Through Sadness

I’ve been a city grieving
the exchange of sunlight
with rain-blackened rocks.

I’ve read the signs of birds,
every divination—a sound all tangled,
wings covered with fire.

The warnings never questioned.

I’m dragged along this path, suffering
filled by prayers and noises
clashing in pain.

It’s because I want what’s good
that I do what’s good
but keeping faith is madness—

How mad to love broken things.

I will go too far holding
the hand of a blind man,
being a child of God.

Hannah Kroonblawd is a PhD student in the English Studies program at Illinois State University. A graduate of the MFA program at Oregon State University, her poems can be found in YemasseeSycamore Review, The Chattahoochee Review, and BOAAT, among others. "A Road Runs Through Sadness" is from a collection inspired, in part, by Sophocles' Antigone and its exploration of the loss of a sibling.