Poetry by Joelle Provost

Space cadet, make progress

Abandoned crocs in a dutch doorway
Empaled cheerleaders on the grass out front

Everything is more clear when it’s out of focus

…There’s a cough in the background.

Women use their lips surreptitiously
and laughter as manipulative tactics to get places in the world.
Half deflated birthday party balloons that were thrown out with the rest of the trash
Peered out from behind trees
As if to say hello

Bike frames peppered this city’s fences

There is
Dried out shrubbery
It almost looked
Like a post apocalyptic land
But not quite
And the anticipation was killing me

space cadet, make progress.

The world in the office
demands that we provide the answers,
But I demand you agree
That we have none


Joelle Provost is a painter living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Joelle was born in the East Bay Area in 1987. Her BFA in painting was received at University of California at Davis in 2010. She subsequently received her Master of Fine Arts in painting at Brooklyn College in Brooklyn New York in 2015. Currently, Joelle operates as a painter on both the East and West Coast. 

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