Poetry by Josh Thornton


The bed creaks and the morning sneaks
between the blinds, prompting brushed
teeth and shaven, smoothened jaws.
A cheap electric razor draws fresh blood.

Gas and asphalt watch for yellows,
grinding gravel under tires. Tired eyelids
just now crack, watching and waiting for
the next fresh green.

Elevators stop as pressed suits drop their
bags under their desks, pumping levers under
chairs so that their knees don’t hit the bottom.
Toothy smiles all around.

The couch calls for empty bottles,
sinking under weight increased by
malty stout. Inside-out socks hit the
malnourished carpet. Static shakes
the screen awake, and turns  to
rom-com reruns. She would’ve laughed at
that part.

She would’ve run for a face bandage.

She would’ve pulled over for chocolate doughnuts.

She would’ve called me on my lunch break.

She would’ve asked me not to drink.

She would’ve been here.

Josh Thornton is a recent graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma, having received a Bachelor’s in English Creative Writing with a Minor in Music Performance. He aspires to write work that not only remains relatable, but that connects the reader to the writer. You can contact him about his work via email at joshuaforlong@gmail.com and find some of his music on his YouTube channel, “Joshua For Long.” He lives happily married with his wife Courtney and their cat Luna.


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