Poetry by Mia Perez

Outside the Hillside


i am losing my mind out here
outside the hillside

inside a girl stands at her mirror
cursing at a reflection of
dead veins
while her dog
watches the news
licks his paws
and goes to bed

another tenant boy
makes conversation with the sound
of electricity
and hides his
despotic sorrow
between his wall and its wallpaper

my room a shrine
a confectionary of broken teeth
and too-sweet dreams
i am just a girl i think
but this Thursday on the plateau
i am forgetting common language and the parable
i am forgetting what it means

            ::to sacrifice::

i go outside
the freeway closes in
over my feet and suddenly
i am both body and the road on which it stands
i cannot discern from the sky
the moon or the sun
nor can i discern my own life
as if ive died
many times
and did not know it

            forgive me stella maris--

i am trying to keep moving becoming
an outlaw of nature
similarly as with gravity
and the earths rotation
i do not abide by laws which oppress me

            (see: relativity)

that’s what brings me
to the hillside

it starts to rain
the air fills me
and every cranial cavity
thoughts get eaten by their own heat
my brain breathe fire
my eyes burn
as i wipe away the sweat of my ghost
preparing its traverse
the liftoff

i evade life a few hours more
standing aimlessly
outside the hillside
where even the trees
menace endless guests
with the unforgiving glare
of darkness

Kristi DiLalloComment