Sam Eliot LaMura was once a couch potato until another spud claimed his couch. He once wrote his name on a wall at The Chicago Theater using a permanent marker. He was given permission to do so. Sam Eliot LaMura enjoys burritos for breakfast, cereal for dinner, and brunch for lunch. As a performance poet, he has shared stages with Anis Mojgani, Buddy Wakefield, Common, Rosario Dawson and Talib Kweli. The first poem he had published can be found in an anthology of zombie poetry. Growing up in Florida did not prepare him for legitimately cold winters. In his free time, Sam Eliot LaMura may often practice beat-boxing, head-bobbing, imagining that words may form poeTrees, and other commonly practiced activities. His favorite hat is the slightly askew golfer’s cap. He wears them for his grandfather, who wore them with brim facing forward.