Poetry by Shannon Bushby

Our Captain

There was a boat in the harbour
Moored and floating in tranquil waters
The great sun on its whitewashed bow.

Biscuits hidden in the galley
A captain’s hat waiting on the dashboard
Deck shoes at the door.
It left a wake of mirth at its stern.

Contentment was found in the company of fleets
And dinghies dotted with lifejackets and blowing hats.
But mostly it bobbed, 
Next to its stately wooden dock.

There was a boat in the harbour,
And now?
It is simply out to sea.


Currently living and working in England, Shannon Bushby has a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in English and Creative Writing from the University of Chichester, and has enjoyed success teaching literacy to high school students in recent years. Alongside her poetry, and various short stories, she is currently working on a book length manuscript focusing on the mental processes of a woman embarking on a relationship with an incarcerated man, and is looking to pursue an MFA in the States in 2017. She enjoys road trips, bad movies and far too many takeaway pizzas in her spare time.

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